How does Payroll Work?  

   Load Employee Data & Payment details

              Enter all the personal information on your employee in to the payroll system, their salary or hourly wage rate

                       How they are paid (EFT, Cash or cheque) and their banking details

   Automatically calculate & deduct

                   The payroll system will do all the calculations and deductions according to rules, for that specific period. 

                  Payslips (statutory requirement) are reports available after preparing the payroll, & can be emailed as a PDF with a password on it.

                    A Leave system to record days taken and automatically add days by rule, to track leave due

   Run Reports and verify

                   Run reports using the static employee data and the dynamic monthly information in the system, for example generate a :

                 Transfer list of all employee being paid by EFT

                List of Cheque or Cash Payments, incl a list of the notes and coinage required

                EMP201 reports to complete the SARS efiling reports

                  Provident / Pension Fund deduction report  

  Roll the Payroll forward into next month

            The payroll program will carry forward all relevant figures to the Year to Date totals and prepare for input of the next month. There are no need to calculate or do anything, but to click on a button



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